Monday, January 23, 2012

Racism Again!

Race is becoming a national obsession it seems to me, and it's not healthy. There's a football song that refers to Wayne Rooney as 'the white Pele' and I've actually heard one person, I suppose it would be sexist to refer to her by gender, ranting at those singing it for being racist. Why?

I won't go into reasons, but last year I did a secret shopping exercise. When I fed back and referred to the server as 'dark skinned' I was told that description was not allowed as it could identify his racial type. So if he had been the only black/white employee, which he wasn't, and his race identified him I would have had to pretend he wasn't black/white in my feedback or be seen as racist. I was actually saying what good service I had received but the employee had no name badge so how else was I to identify him?

Last night a friend sent me a link to the YouTube clip below. It's a mad old man we came across a couple of years ago in a pub in North London. Now forgive me but where is the racism? He's coming out with similar drivel to the nonsense he was blabbing off to us, two white men about, but this time it's two Asian looking women. Furthermore, the two women are laughing.

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