Thursday, January 05, 2012

Legalised Killing

Driving into Lancaster this morning the big lead story on the BBC informed us that an influential committee had produced a report supporting the introduction of euthanasia. But it turned out that the report had been commissioned and drawn up by a group of people who support the introduction of euthanasia anyway. Hardly a hard hitting, objective and independent report then.

The supporters of euthanasia love to talk in euphemisms, it doesn't sound like killing people then, and cry that they are the truly passionate, whereas those of us who believe that human life is sacred are happy to see people die horrific lingering deaths, which is obviously untrue, there is a wonderful thing called palliative care. Care Not Killing has the humane position on the issue and an excellent counter to today's pro-death report.

Just remember that we now have abortion on demand, despite all the safeguards promised when it was legalised in this country. Already the influential euthanasia campaigner Baroness Warnock has called for the euthanasia of the elderly with dementia to free up NHS resources so I'd campaign against if I were you, or be very nervous about what people regard as 'elderly' and beyond worth wasting NHS resources on when you get a bit older.

In addition I question, yet again, the objectivity of a broadcaster that I'm forced to fund through my taxes. It clearly has an agenda on this issue, as we all know it does on many issues so time to be rid of the BBC I think.

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T Bishop Finger said...

The unborn, the sick, the elderly. I shudder to think who the Ruling Class will legalise the murder of next.