Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Nation Of Wimps

Political correctness has gradually turned us into a nation of wimps. If we'd been populated by today's oddballs and softies then I doubt we would have won the last war, Hitler and co would walk in virtually unopposed today, especially with most of our people with backbone in Afghanistan or some other foreign country. What made me think this?

I've just seen a gameshow called 'Deal Or No Deal'. The bloke trying to win money, he eventually got £70,000, was sobbing like a baby whenever he looked like winning some cash. Pathetic, get a grip.

I turned on the TV news earlier this week and a woman was bemoaning how devastated thousands of families would be feeling that morning at the terrible news. She was referring to David Cameron's Tourettes comment. I thought there'd been some awfully natural disaster or terrorist attack at first, but no families of Tourettes sufferers would be devastated. Piss, fuck nut nuggets!

A bunch of loony women, resplendent in 'Coal Not Dole' t-shirts straight from the 1980s picketted the film 'The Iron Lady' in Chesterfield. I bet those silly bags never worked down a pit!

A footballer got called a black bastard by an ignorant muppet in the crowd at Anfield (pattern developing?) and the player breaks down in tears. I wouldn't have blamed him for giving him a verbal volley back, or even smacking the prat, but weeping for God's sake!!

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