Friday, February 24, 2012

Abortion-The Silent Holocaust

Since 1967 millions of unborn babies have been slaughtered in abortion clinics in the UK. Many of us, especially those with a disability, should thank God every day that we were conceived before the 1967 Abortion Act. Having said that my parents are far too humane to have ever considered abortion, they respect human life.

The negative effects of years of pinko liberal policies are all around us. Despite undeniable evidence that they are misguided at best, and that their policies have led to social and moral decay, they continue in their smug arrogance that they know best. Of course the more their policies wreak havoc the more jobs they create in social services departments, counselling, therapy organisations and other refuges for the politically correct to make a living from the mess they have created. More teenage pregnancies? Start telling even younger children about the joys of sex! More drunks to counsel and preach at about the dangers of drink? Let's liberalise the licensing laws!

The evil of abortion has been with us for decades now and millions of unborn children have been slaughtered. Apart from the clear moral repulsion of abortion, who knows that the man or woman who would have found the cure for cancer wasn't one of those? Would a great man like Stephen Hawking have survived if his illness could have been detected in the womb? Would Winston Churchill have survived if his speech impediment had been detected before birth and abortion had been an option? Does that sound extreme? Remember Joanna Jepson.

When you think it can't get any worse we now find out that doctors, in private clinics and an NHS hospital in Manchester, have been carrying out abortions if the baby is the 'wrong' sex! You can read about 'female infanticide' here.

If you would like information about the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children please visit here.


Left-footer said...

Beethoven, who is thought to have had congenital syphilis, would probably not have been born, nor would Andreas Bocelli, whose mother was urged to abort him.

Fine post - God bless!

Daz Pearce said...

Thought-provoking stuff for someone who has no issue in priniciple with people retaining the right to have an abortion.

It does seem to have become a more casual decision for young women rather than the absolute exception it was no doubt intended to be. I've long agreed with your basic analysis that more state-sponsored sex-ed leads to greater levels of teenage promiscuity and suspect that's the part of this problem we can at least control to some extent.

Leave sex education to parents and let children remain so at least until they turn sixteen. I genuinely believe there are situations where an abortion is fair enough (rape is a good example) but minimising the scenarios away from that can only be a good thing IMO.