Saturday, February 04, 2012

Humourless Socialist Pillocks!

Sheffield, not exactly the jewel in England's crown.
One of the things I dislike most about socialists is their complete lack of humour and complete and utter self-absorption. Two particular pillocks stick out this week. Let me mention them.

The first is David Blunkett, a senior figure in Blair's government, which says it all I suppose. This particular prat has been upset the last couple of days and called on Scotland Yard to apologise to the people of Sheffield. I didn't realise the Metropolitan Police had been speeding up the M1 to attach electrodes to the testicles of Yorkshiremen and beat them around the kidneys with rubber truncheons. If only!

No, far worse, Blunkett was upset that hackers have found a secret tape of a Scotland Yard officer telling an FBI agent that: "Sheffield isn't exactly the jewel in England's crown". My God, there must be mass suicides all over the place! If you've ever been to Sheffield I'm sure you will agree that the Scotland Yard officer was being very restrained in his description. I'd describe it as a shithole, but I'm a Lancastrian.

The offending figure, obviously not a female MP.
Then there's the pillock, sorry MP, for Stretford and Urmston, Kate Green. She objected to a Commons bar serving a guest ale called 'Top Totty'. She objected in the chamber and within an hour it had been removed from the bar. I think she objected because the figure on the pump plate is a voluptuous, scantily clad woman, albeit a drawing of a voluptuous, scantily clad woman. Whereas Kate Green is an ugly looking old dog. Well, aren't most feminists?


Anonymous said...

And just what have poor old dogs done to you Gregg for you to compare them with Ms Green?

I agree - they're so far up themselves; with all of the problems afflicting this country this self-absorbed misery can only think of wasting Parliamentary time on a beer pump.

Gregg said...

You're right BJ, comparing her to a dog is cruelty to dogs. Watch some humourless socialist pillock now report me to the RSPCA!

Frederick Oakeley said...

Humourless people have no sense of proportion. That's why they can't see jokes that depend on disproportion which explains why Marxists, Puritans, and Tea Party activists don't laugh much and get life all wrong. I'm sure there's laughter in heaven but there isn't any in the Socialist Workers Party or UKIP. Beware the man who cannot laugh - he's the one who will prepare the scaffold.

Gregg said...

I don't know about Tea Party people per se, but certainly the ones I interact with on Twitter have very healthy senses of humour.

Likewise I find UKIP people to be generally endowed with healthy senses of humour.

Now, the Lib Dems, they do have problems. Probably because they are so far up their own jacksies nobody takes them anywhere as near seriously as they take themselves. Let's face it, they are only humourless socialist pillocks who haven't yet come out of the closet.

Brian said...

Ouch! "Kate Green is an ugly looking old dog." I think that's a bit below the belt i.e a personal attack irrelevant to her point.

(certainly a socialist and proud of it...not humourless...though concede I could be a pillock!)

Sean O'Hare said...

I think you have finally nailed why I find so few so called comedians on TV funny nowadays. Most of them are so far to the left as to make Karl Marx look a right winger and their gags just not funny.

I was getting so starved of laughs. Maybe that's why I joined UKIP :-)

Daz Pearce said...

Feminism of course owes most of its roots to Marxism and the politics of (usually misplaced) grievance. I know a girl who referred to herself as a feminist and explained that she actually believed in gender equality. That strikes me as both adorable and naive at the same time!!

Feminism is of course about establishing female privelege and relegating men to the status of second class citizens based on a society in which rights are equal but responsibilities are not (the girl retains her right to be a 'princess' as and when it suits). Thankfully most intelligent women aren't taken in by such poisonous bullshit.

The second I hear a feminist objecting to male strippers on hen parties since they 'degrade' men is the day I'll at least credit them with some consistency.

Frederick Oakeley said...

I can't believe you've met any UKIP members. They're so angry that the world has forgotten the Empire that they can only go on with rage about foreigners, immigrants, and everyone else who isn't them. Their laughter is of the banana skin type and they actually believe the Daily Mail.

Gregg said...

Much of this is tongue-in-cheek, thanks to Brian for proving yourself to be an exception to the rule. I did like your comment.

But 'Frederick', I'm afraid you continue to disappoint. If you continue to make up daft comments such as your Empire jibe about UKIP members I will not publish any further comments of yours. I will not defend them any more as I know UKIP members are more than capable of fighting their own corner.

You sound increasingly obsessed with UKIP. Is it because your great European dream has become a disastrous and costly nightmare and you can't bear the fact that they were right all along and you were wrong?

Gregg said...

Brian. Just to be clear I meant you were the exception to the humourless socialist rule, not the tongue in cheek bit. Just in case there was any misunderstanding as my comment wasn't clear.

Sean O'Hare said...

Gregg, it is good to see you sticking up for UKIP, even though we know you have some criticisms. My earlier comment, which suggested I joined them for laughs, was also meant tongue in cheek.

Since I joined the party last October I have been so busy I haven't even got around to meeting local activists, so I can't as yet comment on Frederick's stereotype description.

Gregg said...

It angers me Sean when people make up gibberish like that. In my experience the overwhelming majority of UKIP members are decent people. I never heard anybody rue the loss of empire and certainly didn't hear people slagging off foreigners or immigrants.

Sadly 'Frederick' is typical of the Eurofanatic lunatic fringe, throw a few 'isms' at the opposition, it's easier than trying to justify your own position.

Daz Pearce said...

Gregg - if only UKIP was slightly better run then the Euro set would be absolutely cacking themselves.

Their tactic appears to be one of equating UKIP and the BNP as being one and the same. A friend of mine of entirely different politics refers to UKIP as 'the BNP in suits' which is well off the mark.

Were that the case, then surely they'd just join the scumbag party? Besides which, Nick usually wears a suit!!

The (admittedly few) UKIP members I've known abhor real racism and prejudice, are not anti-immigration per se and have their heads screwed on - membership of their party doesn't appear to have strangled their ability to have a laugh either.

Glad I voted for them at the last Euro election and will definitely repeat the trick next time.

Given the current state of play, I suspect a lot of people will...