Monday, February 13, 2012

Searching for the Young Soul Rebels

Time to lighten up, it all got a bit heavy over the NSS and Bideford Town Council, but in a healthy way I think. Thank you to all contributors.

Summer 1980 saw Dexy's Midnight Runners burst onto the scene with the classic album Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. I've just been tramping the Lune Valley on a much longer walk than I'd planned, thanks to taking a wrong turn, and I couldn't get There, There My Dear, one of the tracks on the album, out of my head. So I thought I'd share it and see if anybody else finds it as addictive.

The album must have been one of the strongest debut albums and in the early '80s Dexy's were one of the best live bands I saw. Having said that there were a fair few great live bands around and I might say that about another band in the not too distant.

But here it is:

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