Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Hatefulness of Socialists

Time to burn the red flag.
Every now and then the last of the dinosaurs wander from under their boulders and remind us that they are not quite extinct, yet. Today it is a fine example of that tired old species Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite. He is truly a blast from the past.

I have absolutely no truck with the Olympics. I think it's a crass, immoral waste of money. I have no objection to the games in principle, but I object to the amount of money wasted on pampering VIPs for years to bribe them into allowing us to waste millions hosting the games. I object to the millions being spent on top hotels, limousines and all the other trappings before, during and after the games on VIPs. I object to the millions being spent on facilities when we already have perfectly adequate facilities, albeit they may need some updating, in various parts of the country. But we have them here in the summer so let's make the most of it.

But Len McCluskey doesn't think that way. No, the old dinosaur socialist from Unite is hoping that the games will be used by malcontents and misfits to strike and indulge themselves in civil disobedience. Typical 'I'm alright Jack' attitude of trade union leaders. What always amazes me is how socialists are so obsessed with money. They invariably want more money for themselves, check out how much your average trade union leader is on, and are obsessed with how much more than themselves others earn. Those caring NHS staff have been quick to strike recently. Those caring public sector workers, who claim to have turned their backs on a fortune in the private sector to earn less by serving the public, have been quick to strike recently. Now McCluskey wants to wreck the Olympics, and the image of the UK. Me, me, me socialists in all thir glory.

No sooner are the socialist wasters from Occupy swept from the streets of London than they are threatening to 'occupy' McDonald's in protest at Workfare, a government job experience scheme. If I ran McDonald's I'd be tempted to pull out of the UK. They seem to bear the brunt every time a Trot or Marxist malcontent wants to use some of his dole money to travel to a protest. It's either because their farming methods destroy the rainforests, their burgers cause brain damage, now because they are part of a government work experience scheme. In reality they hate capitalism and the United States of America, so they pour their hatred and bile at McDonald's, but haven't got the bottle to be open about it. McDonald's won't pull out because the public show, by about a million to one, that they support McDonald's over Occupy, thus illustrating that Occupy are self-indulgent misfits obsessed with their outdated political views who care nothing for real people.

It would be nice in future if decent people, when they saw misfits 'occupying' a business, went in and 'helped them' to leave so that staff and customers could continue with their business without being bullied.  People power!

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Daz Pearce said...

Put McCluskey in for four rounds with Anthony Joshua - now that would be fun!!