Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Snouts In The Trough

Another day in Parliament
It seems to me that MPs are now just taking the piss out of us, pushing their luck time and again to see how much they can get away with. And a docile, state loving public just seem to lie there happy for the state to shaft them as and when it wants.

The latest MP to push it is Stephen Dorrell. Hot on his heels is Ian Stewart who is having his expenses closely scrutinised. And before the hand wringing lefties and pinko liberals point the finger at these two Tories, remember Denis  McShane. Then there's that fat old bag Moran who avoided a spell in chokey by feigning claiming mental illness at her trial. She just proves that psychos are more welcome in Parliament than in chokey.

Then there is that poisonous little dwarf John Bercow trying to suppress information about MPs and their dodgy expenses claims. Pigs policing pigs obviously doesn't work. Furthermore the pathetic excuse trundled out by many of these greedy bastards that "I haven't broken the rules" doesn't wash. In fact it not only doesn't wash it is absolute bullshit! Ever heard of  that old saying 'the spirit of the law' chaps? Ever heard of morality chaps? If that is your level of judgement then you really should not be lording it over us mere mortals. You really should be banged up for  a few years to contemplate your snivelling little lives. Then put up against the wall and shot.

But millions of people need to take a good hard look at what they are allowing to happen in their name. Every time you think the state should do X, Y or Z you are saying you want to give more power to people like Dorrell, McShane, Moran et al. Every socialist is effectively saying he/she is happy to hand over responsibility for their lives to MPs and bureaucrats. Nationalisation means handing business, including healthcare in the form of the NHS, to MPs and the state.

The last thing we need is more state. What we need is to smash the current sytem and to start again. Pigs with their snouts in the trough should be the first to go.

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