Thursday, November 08, 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections-November 15th

In the run up to the last few elections I've pledged to boycott, abstain, spoil my ballot paper or whatever. But when push came to shove I always caved in, held my nose and voted for the least scary option.

This time though I have followed through and spoilt my ballot paper for the PCC elections on November 15th. I have a postal vote you see. I wrote 'just another gravy train' at the top of the ballot paper and 'muppet' next to the name of each candidate. If nothing else it may give the poor counters a giggle when they have the boring job of counting. Mind you, they won't be too bored this time as turnout is likely to be an all-time low, so they'll probably be done in half an hour.

However, just because I've told them what I think doesn't mean I shouldn't hlp those who may wish to join in this charade of democracy. So here is a useful link to a website that links, when you enter your postcode, to details of your candidates.

I only found it today but it made me even more convinced that abstaining is the only way. My candidates look like a right bunch of oddballs, loonies and fruitcakes.


Sean O'Hare said...

I wasn't going to vote either, but then discovered that Unite's Clare Moody is the Labour candidate for Wiltshire. Its unlikely that she will win, but I want to ensure that she gets defeated by as big a margin as possible, so am going to vote. Haven't yet made up my mind whether to hold by nose and vote for the Tory or the UKIP bloke. As a member I guess I should go for the latter, but I would rather they hadn't stood candidates for this fiasco.

Gregg said...

I sympathise with your dilemma Sean. But I take the line that Enoch used about the EU elections: "I wouldn't soil my hands on a Euro ballot paper".