Monday, November 26, 2012

UKIP-Politics of the Playground

Just when UKIP were being defended by non members over the Rotherham foster business they go and prove, once again, why they bomb in proper elections, only gaining seats under the EU's ludicrous PR system.

Michael Fabricant suggests an electoral pact with UKIP in return for an in-out referendum on the EU. Do UKIP jump at the chance? No, they condemn it out of hand in a school playground style tantrum. Why? Because David Cameron called them names a few years ago.

Paul Nuttall, bagman for Nigel Farage, was on Radio Manchester today sobbing that David Cameron called them closet racists so they won't play with him any more. This is the party that claims causing offence should not be a criminal offence, but are happy to refuse us the chance of a referendum because Cameron upset them a few years ago.

Or maybe the UKIP MEPs are just enjoying their fat salaries and generous expenses a little too much to risk their seats on the gravy train. UKIP, part of the problem, not the solution.

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