Saturday, November 24, 2012

UKIP and the Race Obsessed

He'd be at home in Rotherham!
I joined UKIP in 2000 and stood in three parliamentary elections. I worked for a UKIP MEP for nearly five years. I became disillusioned in 2009 and resigned my membership, six months after leaving my job with UKIP. That's the background to this post.

Last night and this morning I have been in a rage. I can categorically state that UKIP is not a racist party and that Rotherham Borough Council, in taking foster children away from a couple because they are UKIP members, have acted like some kind of totalitarian banana state.

 A woman called Joyce Thacker, who has just been on TV news spouting off about multiculturalism, should be immediately sacked from her job. She couldn't answer the question why the decision had been taken, and had as much human warmth as a dead polar bear. She didn't seem fit to me to be taking decisions about anything let alone the lives of vulnerable children. That the Labour Party calls for an investigation shows how appallingly fascistic this decision is. But why an investigation? Sack the people involved now. Yet another example of how race is used by the left, Rotherham is a Labour council, to suppress freedom of speech.

I have lots of reasons for leaving UKIP behind, none more so than their party leader who I would trust as far as I could throw him, but this attack on them is frightening in its implications. It says to me that the state is far too powerful and those involved in this decision have power way beyond their capabilities or ideas of democracy. All those involved should be immediately sacked and never employed again.

It is surely time to rise up against this politically correct police state that we are sleep walking into.


Daz Pearce said...

All very East German, and utterly frightening stuff.

The way that woman was talking about what UKIP stands for, it does sound like she's confused them with the BNP - not that political affiliation should have any baring at all on whether people can adopt/foster kids.

Anonymous said...

Wondered why you left us Greg.
Good luck anyway and thanks for your comment.

Gregg said...

Long story but I don't think any number of MEPs will get us out of the EU. So I concluded that UKIP wasn't the vehicle for regaining our independence. Having said that I think the overwhelming majority of members are good hearted and sincere. Sadly I can't say that about the leader or the MEPs who, in my opinion, have gone native.