Sunday, January 27, 2013

David Ward Lib Dem MP and Holocaust Memorial Day

Another twat MP. Thank you Bradford!
Well what an utter turd David Ward really is.

He accuses "the Jews" in Israel of "inflicting atrocities on Palestinians...on a daily basis".

According to him he was "trying to make clear that everybody needs to learn the lessons of the Holocaust".

The Lib Dems have "condemned his use of language".

Mealy mouthed shits Ward and his party aren't they? But what do we expect from Lib Dems?

Holocaust Memorial Day is 27 January!

It would be awful to think that Ward was merely ingratiating himself with the Muslim population of his constituency. Surely Lib Dems aren't such political whores?


Anonymous said...

Zionist deserve to be accused of what they are doing to the palestine people!!! There is nothing Jew about a zionist other than the propaganda they are fed from Israel which are based on pure fabrication and normally opposit to the real truth. What right do you have to someone elses land??

Gregg said...

I have published your comment to show the kind of semi-literate anti-Semitic moron Israel and her supporters have to deal with.

Your two other, identical posts will not be published. Idiot!

Anonymous said...

Electoral opportunism, occasional antisemitism, embezzlement, fraud, sexual molestation..... welcome to Westminster.

Anonymous said...

“Libya was framed for the horrific crime at Lockerbie, and Megrahi was merely a fall guy,” Galloway wrote in 2010