Friday, January 18, 2013

David Cameron-Unprincipled Coward

So David Cameron has bottled out of his long awaited speech on our relationship with the European Union. No surprise as he is the most unprincipled, spineless and cowardly Prime Minister we've ever had to suffer. He makes Blair look like a man of substance. OK, that's going a bit far but you get my drift.

So he hides behind the crisis in Algeria. What is he planning to do, pull his trollies on over his trousers a la Superman, fly under his own steam to the desert and single-handedly free the hostages?  With a ludicrously high number of government departments, ministers, junior ministers, advisers and bureaucrats don't tell me that, in this modern age of communication, Cameron couldn't delegate and still make his much trumpeted speech. No, the man is a charlatan and the Tories should bin him immediately.

The truth is that Cameron is scared witless of the EU and is terrified that it will be his downfall, which it must be if he continues to lie and hide his real beliefs on our relationship with the EU in order to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate. The man is beneath contempt.


EFpastor emeritus said...

I have very little fact nothing ...of good to say for that man who claims to be PM, though on a Lib Dem leash. However I do think he is right in staying at home in view of the threat to lives of citizens in Algeria.
I just wish he would give the same attention to the threat to loves of babies in the womb in UK.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It is starting to look that way, isn't it?

Daz Pearce said...

Did anybody seriosuly think he'd step up to the plate on this? Cameron represents a strand of society that has already decided the future - further European intergration and decision-making that becomes increasingly remote from those impacted by it.

Can't comprehend the stupidity of anyone who got their hopes up...