Thursday, January 17, 2013

Human Rights? Don't Make Me Laugh!

They're a bit like the word 'fascist' I suppose, the words 'human rights', the more they are bandied about the more they lose any kind of significance or meaning. Question the wisdom of uncontrolled immigration from the EU and you'll be labelled a fascist by some swivel eyed pinko liberal loon. Dare to mention the Daily Mail and aforementioned swivel eyed loon will label it fascist. The Mail is not my paper of choice but come on, fascist?

Then we have the ludicrous obsession with human rights. There's a good argument against the tyranny of the majority, after all, if 51% support the slaughter of the first born in every household does democracy say that it should happen? Of course not, democracy is tempered by morality, which tells us it is wrong to slaughter the first born. But for decades now our system, including our system of morals, has been undermined. Militant atheism is one of the most virulent tools being used against our system and human rights are being used as a very effective weapon. What the modern obsession with human rights has given us is the tyranny of the minorities.

One example of the tyranny of the minorities was the forced closure of Catholic adoption agencies for refusing to place children with gay couples. These agencies did magnificent work for children and parents for many, many years but because of our Catholic beliefs the state closed them down by declaring it illegal to refuse gay couples the chance to adopt. The rights of gay people obviously override the rights of Christians in this country.

So what happened to diversity? What happened to the much trumpeted concept of people from all cultures, beliefs and religions happily living side by side? Great idea, unless you're a Christian. Then increasingly you are left on the outside of this wonderful world of diversity and tolerance. Surely, with any number of adoption agencies catering for gay couples, there is room for agencies who object on grounds of conscience? Couldn't gay couples just find an agency that would help them adopt? What next, close down Catholic churches unless they cater for Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and so on?

This week we have had the results from the European Court of Human Rights. Again, in two of the four cases the rights of Christians were trampled on in order to support the rights of gay people. Surely on grounds of conscience, and in the interests of diversity and freedom of choice, people should be allowed to decline to marry gay couples or to provide them sex counselling? As with adoption there are any number of counsellors and registrars who would have no objection to counselling gays or presiding over civil ceremonies for gay people so their refusal on grounds of conscience is not depriving gays of their rights. But these people have now lost their basic right to work because of their beliefs and consciences.

Increasingly 'human rights' are being used to oppress the majority. The more those two words are bandied around the more oppressed the citizens of the UK become. The police state is tightening its grip on an almost daily basis.

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