Wednesday, January 23, 2013

David Cameron and that EU Speech

Having read the speech I can't help concluding that it was just  fluff and bull. In fact it was just fluff and bull, definitely.

I have debated membership of the EU over the years with Lib Dems and people from other parties, and Eurofanatics from the European Movement. Not once have I heard a really convincing argument for our continued membership.

The EU has kept the peace in Europe since 1945? No it hasn't, that was NATO, the Cold War and the threat of mutual annihilation.

We would lose trade if we left? No we wouldn't. EU countries would not refuse to sell us cars, wine and so on in a fit of pique if we left.

Europe is the sick man of the world. We need to rid ourselves of all the rules, regulation and bureaucracy that is stifling Europe and turning it into a stagnant mess. We need to be confident and look to the world, Brazil, China, India and other countries that are the economic future.

But enough, to Cameron's speech. Don't just take my word for what a load of waffle it was, read the full transcript here in the Spectator.

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