Monday, June 30, 2008

David Davis

The main reason for David Davis's resignation, it seems, was to keep the debate about 42 days in the news. So here I am doing my bit, thanks to T Bishop Finger initially who led me to this article via his post about Standpoint magazine.

Following is the part of the article that I particularly liked. Even though I still oppose 42 days, I did enjoy the article:

"Talk about Magna Carta in the situation we find ourselves in in 2008 is pure codswallop: if King John and his Barons were threatened by terrorist attacks in England from the Saracens, these attackers would unquestionably have been hanged, drawn, and quartered more quickly than the King could chew on a groatsworth of venison. The very idea that the British government should not have such far reaching powers in a genuine emergency is an absurdity normally associated with the far left and its allies, not with right-wing Tory Front Benchers".


T Bishop Finger said...

Thanks for the plug Gregg. I dont care personally for much of the Social Affairs Unit's output, but they've brought out a really good magazine in Standpoint.

Gregg Beaman said...

What really got me was a post by The Remittance Man
yesterday I think, about why, in his view, left wing blogging has not lifted off and probably never will. It's worth a butchers.