Thursday, June 26, 2008

What is it about Mandela?

What is about Nelson Mandela that gets the pinko liberal PC types dribbling and wetting themselves with excitement. Even Gordon Ramsey was at it last night, cooking a birthday dinner for a load of has beens to celebrate St Nelson's nintieth birthday. Then, tonight, there is a concert by a load of has beens and wannabes somewhere in London. The great man will no doubt be in attendance with his never ending cheesy smile, in a tasteless Hawaiian shirt that even an overweight shoe salesman from Florida wouldn't be seen dead in.

And to top it all off he comes out with a pointless, meaningless and absurd comment about Zimbabwe that makes all the press drool and announce that he had, at last, broken his silence on Zimbabwe. All he did, for God's sake, was to refer to it as a 'tragic failure of leadership'. It's a bit more than that Mr Mandela. What a prat!

But at least we know now why Naomi Campbell went ballistic and got banned from British Airways. She's been dropped as a presenter at the Mandela concert, cute way of getting out of it I think. After all, if she'd pulled out of it herself she would probably have been punished much more severely.


T Bishop Finger said...

Liberals do have strange choices in role models and heroes : Lenin, Trotsky, Chavez, Guevara.

And they slander Libertarians and Conservatives for idolising people like Hayek and Friedman, because they championed capitalism.

Well at least Hayek and Friedman's body count is ZERO!

Gregg Beaman said...

Similarly Lech Walesa (possibly misspelt) who also had a zero body count when he brought the communist regime down.