Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Serious Question

Can anybody tell me what David Davis hopes to gain by resigning and precipitating this by-election? I absolutely agree with his position and would go further, I would like the detention limit returned to 14 days, and even that might be too long. But I am unable to fathom, and nobody else I have spoken be they left, right or centre have been able to, exactly what he hopes to gain by his resignation. Surely he would have more impact remaining on the opposition front bench then, quite probably, becoming the first Tory Home Secretary since 1997 in the next couple of years.

None of the serious parties are fighting this by-election and he really should have realised, in his contemplations before making the decision, that New Labour would simply side-step the fight thus denying him his main opponent. So he is left with fighting a fruit and veg man who supports the 42 day limit, making him his 'serious opponent', Miss Great Britain, adding glamour but nothing serious to the battle, and an anti-smoking ban campaigner also fighting against state suppression of freedom and liberty. What a strange by-election it will be.


Andrew Allison said...

Over the next three weeks the political agenda will be dominated by issues of freedom. It will be a wake up call to the British people that enough is enough. I don't think he could have raised these issues as well as they are going to be, without precipitating a by-election.

Gregg Beaman said...

Fair comment Andrew and I hope that he really does manage to achieve that, despite New Labour ducking the issue.

Perhaps we are all confused at a politician acting in such a principled way, and assume there is a sinister motive.

I really do wish him well and will probably go over there to campaign for him when battle commences.