Saturday, June 07, 2008

Police State-German Style

Mrs B and I will be lounging around in France for the next week, so there may be a more European flavour to my blogging. I thought I might start with this.

Turning up, all stormtrooper-like shouting "handie hoch" and "raus, raus", the German paramilitary police were more Keystone than Polizei when they raided a house where a group of rappas (rappers to the untrendy) were making a video. Bless the poor chaps.

Perhaps a foretaste of the EuroGendarmerie?


Backbench Warrior said...

I would have thought so. Aren't the gendarmerie planning their arrival to our shores for the 2012 Olympics?

Gregg Beaman said...

I fear you are correct BW. Be afraid!