Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm not the only one tired of the politically correct obsession with racism, but it still really angers me when it rears its ugly head.

This week we have had Naomi Campbell behaving like a moronic hooligan and ending up barred for life from British Airways. Is that actually a punishment? Anyway, in the Sunday papers she claims she behaved so badly because somebody at BA called her a "gollywog". Oh, that makes it OK then.

Also this week we have had former footballer Paul Elliot, who now campaigns against "racism in football" claiming that Premiership clubs discriminate against black managers. As there are no black managers in the Premiership it is obviously because of "racism". Then despite this evil segregation up pops Paul Ince, who has taken charge of Blackburn Rovers. Yes, Paul Ince is black. But, according to the PC do-gooders this is due to the bravery and courage of the men in charge at Blackburn in helping Ince "break the glass ceiling". You see, it has nothing to do with Ince's unquestionable ability but all to do with his colour in the eyes of the PC brigade. Wonder if the lack of English managers, and the disproportionate number of non-English players in the Premiership, is down to anti-English discrimination?

On top of that Michel Platini, president of UEFA, wants the captains of the semi-final teams in Euro 2008 to make a statement against racism on the pitch as the teams line up before the game. This in addition to the players wearing "Unite Against Racism" logos on their kit. The big panic is how to stop the TV companies going to commercials when this PC "ismfest" takes place.

I still maintain that, if left to get on with things, most people would. Racism and anti-racism are two sides of the same coin it seems to me. But we all know it's really just part of the socialist inspired "divide and rule" technique. But worst of all this sickening use of "racism" as a PC weapon is surely demeaning to genuine victims of real racism.

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