Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jon Gaunt-Biggest Prat On Radio

A Gaunt looking Mussolini (Right)
Listening to Jon Gaunt on TalkSport is a bit like watching telly when they show a surgeon carrying out an operation. I can't bear to watch but have the odd morbid desire to peep through my fingers at the screen. That's how it is listening to the biggest prat, with the biggest mouth and the smallest brain in broadcasting. Every now and then I have to put his show on but immediately wince and turn over again. Yes it always is as bad as I remember.

This morning I heard him blasting Patrick Kielty for joking about not getting a driving ban. Kielty had been caught doing 101 mph in a 60 zone in the wilds of the Scottish borders. Cue self righteous indignation from the prat who has the supreme arrogance and egomania to refer to himself in the third person as 'Gaunty'. No doubt, being the self proclaimed best father in the world he came over all "he could have killed a child, and I feel things like that more than anybody because I'm a Dad". He proclaims his fatherhood as often as Walliams and Lucas declare themselves to be ladies in Little Britain's transvestite sketches. Makes you wonder. Personally, as Kielty injured nobody nor damaged anything, I think he should never have been taken to court. Of course, the authoritarian Gaunt thinks he should have been banned, nothing like a sense of proportion eh 'Gaunty'.

The rumour is that Gaunt could well be standing in the Euro elections next year. God help any political party so lacking in judgement, or just downright stupid enough, to have him on their list.
By the way, Kielty's joke on receiving a fine rather than a ban, was that he had been looking forward to a ban with the price of petrol at the moment.

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