Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Denied Drugs-Sort Of!

I'm not a one to pop pills at the drop of a hat, but I had to visit a physiotherapist this morning and was told that, in order to do the exercises needed to clear up what I found out is a frozen shoulder, I should take 8 paracetomol a day.

I duly popped to the chemist to stock up, needing plenty as I am off to France tomorrow for a break. I know I can buy them there but thought I would buy in bulk here. But oh no, I have just had to do a chemist crawl because I could buy no more than two packs in one shop!

Now forgive me but when was a suicide ever averted because the suicidee didn't think to visit more than one shop to buy the necessary dose? And to be perfectly honest if I want to end it all with paracetomol that's my decision. Personally I think I'd try a bottle of whisky and a pipe from the exhaust into my car.


Mark Wadsworth said...

That's why they are going to restrict sales of rope to one yard per customer.

Anyway, exhaust pipe, that's disgusting. here's how it should be done.

Gregg Beaman said...

Yes, and this bloody government would probably tax the estate of the suicidee for being so environmentally unfriendly as to use fuel.