Thursday, September 25, 2008

A True Sporting Legend

'Legend' is a word much used, and abused, in the world of sport and elswhere. In my view it can be used in truth and honesty about very few without it sounding cliched and trite.

One man it can clearly be used to describe is Lance Armstrong. To come back from cancer to win the Tour de France is truly the stuff of legend. To win the most gruelling sporting event in the world 7 times without previous health problems warrants legend status, so ovecoming testicular cancer, that had spread to his brain, puts Armstrong's status as legend beyond debate.

Next year he will be doing Le Tour again, joining the Astana team currently led by Alberto Contador, Le Tour winner in 2007. Here is the full story.

Having seen part of Le Tour in 2005, the last time Armstrong won it, I suspect we will be in France on holiday next July to witness the great man's comeback.

The main reason he is returning is to promote Livestrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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