Thursday, September 18, 2008

BBC 'Latest' News

I've found this article on the BBC website, dated today.

What I find very strange is that the BBC doesn't mention the source of the offending leaflet. On first reading I thought it was a leaflet issued by the police urging Muslims to 'grass up' their mates. The fact that it was the Muslim Police Association complaining made me take that conclusion a little more seriously, especially after recent shenanigens around Sir Ian Blair and senior 'ethnic' officers.

But reading the article again it became obvious that this was not Inspector Knacker going in with both size 11s before thinking. So I've had a snout around the internet and could only find references to a BNP issued leaflet similar to that in the article above. What dissappointed me was the fact that, assuming the article is about the BNP leaflet, the BBC have it in today's news headlines when the leaflet was distributed, and the subsequent fuss made, were back in May.

Secondly I was disappointed at the journalistic sloppiness of the BBC in not making it clear who had published and distributed the leaflet. A pretty basic rule of journalism broken there I would have thought.

And finally, if 95% of the heroin trade is from Pakistan and Afghanistan, wouldn't targetting those with cultural/familial/business and other ties to those countries make sense in the so-called 'war on drugs'? But that's for another post another time. Mr Nice is certainly not a Muslim.

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