Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty, Put Me On The Train For London Town....

Back from the holiday after an overnighter in London, which included the hottest Goan curry I've had for years. Refreshed but still fearing the worst from our police state, the continuing devolopment of which hit us as soon as we got back within British radio reception range.

People can now get police checks on neighbours, and God knows who else, if they have kids and think the subject might be a paedophile. A right charter for nutters if you ask me. Can you imagine the poor eccentric over the road who some dead head chav thinks is 'a bit iffy, know what I mean?', malicious nods, winks and innuendo and before you know it a lynch mob, fuelled with righteous indignation, tears the poor sod limb from limb. But the government says that people cannot pass on information given. Oh, that's alright then!! Paedophilia, the new witchcraft for the new puritan era.

Then driving up the M1/M6 today we heard about West Sussex council planning to bollock people if they don't turn their cars off when idling, such as at traffic lights or outside a school. Then some fascist from their transport department popped up promising to bring in £20 fines if bollocking doesn't work. It seems that the colour associated with fascism in the thirties was black, in 2008 it is the greenshirts we have to fear.

And the government wants to impose 'democracy' on the Iraqis and Afghans, poor buggers.


T Bishop Finger said...

Good to have you back Gregg, how was Sarko's France? And yes, unfortunately, the Ruling Class have been extending the frontiers of State, as always, in your absence.

Gregg Beaman said...

Good to hear from you T Bish.

Frenchies seemed very friendly this trip, especially for the north. Any lingerig problems I have with the Froggies eases wih the price of the wine, we now have a lovely full cellar again! Did see some anti-Sarko graffiti.

Off to visit your blog now.