Friday, September 19, 2008

United Commonwealth Society

UKIP's current chairman is involved, to a worrying degree in my view, with the United Commonwealth Society. Here is one of the flakey outfits involved with the UCS.

Here's another link to a dodgy outfit involved with the UCS, the very odd 'Duke of Florida'.

And here is the reponse from the complete flakeys of the 'British Dominion of West Florida to the UCS adding them to their list of nations recognised.

The top man at UCS is Tory peer, and Shadow Deputy Leader of the Lords, Lord Howell. Paul Nuttall is shown as a council member representing the 'European Parliament' rather than the UK, Great Britain or, God forbid, England.

It may be me, but an obsession with 'Commonwealth' and , not far behind, 'Empire', especially when your website offers an Afrikaans translation, implies a certain authoritarian statist outlook to say the least.


T Bishop Finger said...

I myself take the Powellite view on the Commonwealth. The Empire is gone, it's not coming back, these countries are not are problem any more.

Gregg Beaman said...

I agree completely, the great man was rarely wrong either. I had the good fotune to meet him a few times and, even until the end, he was in the London phonebook believing it the duty of all politicians to be accessible.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Powell was right on most things, but there doesn't seem to be any thread running through his pronouncements.

Howell OTOH, I have no idea, but his energy policy ("end green taxes and subsidies and let the markets decide") is spot on.

Sam said...

Oh, such a worry!

Countries that share the same head of state and language. Have similar parliaments based on Westminster, historical ties and have millions of dual citizens between them.

They can't possibly want closer political ties!? How dare they! This is an outrage!

However if you disagree please feel free to visit my society. It's full of equally interested individuals from the four corners of the earth.

Regards Sam Carruthers