Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bloody Sunday-The Saville Report

The Saville Report has proved two things, that the IRA have won and that Cameron, with his grovelling apology, is every bit as big a shit as Brown, Blair and the rest.

The squaddies fight back.


Jules said...

Spot on

Steve Allison said...

Hi Greg, the Bloody Sunday Enquiry is just another example of going back to something until you get the answer you want. "Army not to blame for bloody Sunday" Sorry, wrong answer, have another enquiry. "Army to blame for Bloody Sunday" Right, that's that settled! It's like a referendum on the Lisbon treaty really, keep on repeating the exercise until the RIGHT ANSWER is obtained. So one of the dead had nail bombs in his pockets BUT there was no evidence he was going to throw them? Mcguiness had a machine gun with him at some point in the day and probably fired it BUT there is no evidence he fired it at anyone. Yea right! Cameron is just another appeaser without any balls!

Gregg Beaman said...

Bang on Steve. Sadly there are far too many people who still have blind faith in the state. Until that changes the state will continue to shaft us.