Friday, June 11, 2010

Word Cup South Africa 2010

Am I the only person in the world who is already sick of the slobbering and drooling over South Africa?

When the World Cup is held anywhere else the host country isn't treated like the most spoilt little bastard in the neighbourhood. So South Africa suffered apartheid for years and is now a democracy, with all the associated problems, surely it's time we stopped patronising them and treated them like any other country. What is interesting is that South Africa is the first African country considered fit to host the world's biggest sporting occasion, despite its recent history.

On BBC radio this morning the oh so politically correct reporters have been drooling about how the people of Soweto are the most fanatical football supporters in the world. Are they really? And how South Africans are the best singers in the world. They haven't heard Chico's World Cup song! In fact South Africa is truly Heaven on Earth. In fact Heaven is shit by comparison.

They've been drooling about the wonderous Vuvuzelas of the South African fans. I thought these must be some ancient mystical charm that would ensure South African victory, but the really annoying horns in the background were driving me to distraction. Sorry, they weren't just annoying horns, they were the bloody Vuvezelas as modelled by the Elton John tribute artist above. If they are going to be blaring through every game I'll be watching with the sound off, they're worse than that bloody band that follows England around.

Then up pops Jeremy Hardy on Twitter to make the following statement:

"I hate the World Cup. The whole of England is decked out like a Loyalist estate".

Really Jeremy? Only if you're a brain dead Marxist bastard who should have been shot at birth. But then again, the politically correct despise ther own but worship all things foreign, like South Africa. Blind, obsessive love of any country in Africa or Asia is fine, but a show of patriotic fervour about a sporting event has you likened to a gun wielding religious bigot who is a danger to the world. What a wanker!

So, just to show a huge v-sign, in my own small way, to wankers like Jeremy Hardy, we are now proudly flying a Cross of St George outside the Schloss Beaman.

Having said all that I am sure it will be an excellent World Cup and I wish I was there.

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Lurch said...

What pisses me off is the tossers with their flags everywhere for some kind of wankers convention.
Cunts wouldn't have a flag out for St Georges day or for any other national occasion but a pack of overpaid knob jockies getting knocked out in the quarter finals of some poofs game?
Plus the flags with ENGLAND written on them? What the fuck is that about?