Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vuvuzelas and Suicide Notes

Found by the body of a fat man in a replica England shirt, with a bottle of whisky in one hand an empty bottle of pills in the other:

My Dear Family

I've waited for months to watch the World Cup but I can't bear it any more. The horns, aka Vuvuzelas for some reason, are eating at my brain. I have nightmares and can't sleep. Death seems the only release.

Please forgive me but suicide is the only option.

I'd rather be Robert Green than hear another bloody horn.


Following my post on Friday about the World Cup things have got a whole lot worse. I spoke to quite a few people yesterday who are either not watching the World Cup now, or watching only the England games, others are watching games but with the sound down.

It must be some kind of post-apartheid punishment on the rest of the world.

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