Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Queen and the World Cup

As the World Cup approaches I can't help wondering about the position of the British Royal Family in certain scenarios.

When Greece play, does Prince Philip get kebabs delivered and sink a bottle of Ouzo watching the game while smashing plates on the palace floor?

If, as seems inevitable at some stage, England play Germany is the Queen a Windsor or does she don a replica Germany shirt and revert to Frau Saxe Coburg Gotha? After all there are millions of people claiming to be Irish because they drink in a bar called O'Flaherty's and once visited Dublin, much more tenuous than Lizzie's Germanic heritage.

But if Germany should win the World Cup again, especially if they knock England out, could it trigger a constitutional crisis? Would there be calls for the Queen to abdicate in favour of a full bloodied English monarch. A man such as Prince Harry.

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