Friday, June 25, 2010

La Belle France

While the West Wing is being renovated we have left the staff looking after the workmen and decided to migrate south, just about to partake of foie gras and a nice bottle of Monbazillac in Blois. Our final destination, due there tomorrow in time for a hearty lunch, is Bergerac.

What has struck us on our slow meander down France is that the schoolgirls look like schoolgirls rather than apprentice slappers like so many English schoolgirls. We had also forgotten how delicious the French bread is and what good service you get in cafes, hotels and restaurants. Not forgetting the glorious sunshine, duck, wine and armagnac. Might even catch a day or two of Le Tour.

So blogging will be rare these next couple of weeks as we will be guzzling top class food and wine, paying little attention to the world outside.

Au revoir!

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