Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wayne Rooney, England and the World Cup

Wayne Rooney was spot on having a go at the jeering England 'fans'. Yet again the fans of the national team have proved themselves to have no class. Real football fans don't jeer their own team after a game as the players leave the pitch. Criticise them in the bars after the game yes, but don't boo your own players.

A lot of real football fans don't bother with England games because of the poor support. If you are a United fan you will have to listen to your own players, in England shirts, being abused by the jealous fans of other clubs and you may even cop for personal abuse or even physical violence yourself if a United fan.

So they spent a load of money going to South Africa. If they did that expecting England to win then they must be clueless about football and stupid too. Spending a wad of cash does't mean your team will win. That's the difference between supporters and fans, fans are fanatical which is illogical, supporters are going for the entertainment and, if they don't get the entertainment they want, they react the way England's supporters did last night.

I used to travel all over Europe watching United before the Glazers took over and yes we would criticise a poor display on the plane home, but cheer the lads off the field after the game. England supporters have no class.

To put it in perspective you have a shit day at work. How would you feel about all your colleagues booing and jeering you as you leave the office? Then how would you feel about going back to work the next day?

Good on you Wayne, bollocks to the jeering fans!

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