Thursday, February 17, 2011

Burglars Ain't What They Used To Be

I had to giggle while having lunch when I read about iron bar wielding burglar Lewis Patterson being shot by his victim Gary Holmes. Sadly it was only an air rifle, but the prat reported the incident to the police. Thankfully the homeowner is not facing any charges as a licence is not needed for an air rifle.

In the olden days such a miscreant would have got out of there pretty damn quickly, hidden away under his stone to lick his wounds and restore some self-respect. He certainly wouldn't want to draw attention to himself and his obvious inadequacies.

I suppose in these ludicrously politically correct times the burglar had words such as 'compensation' running through his tiny mind. But no, the scum is now spending eighteen months in chokey. Good riddance.

I look forward to hearing that Gary Holmes is to be awarded a gallantry medal.

Full story here.

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