Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Putting Down a Politically Correct Heckler

The modern day PC obsession with race is one thing that really bugs me. If the PC crowd kept their traps shut the BNP would get virtually no publicity, the only time they are in the news is when a PC loony gets all angry about them. Left alone, by both sides, 99% of us would get on perfectly well together.

I watched FC United on Saturday and they had People United Day. Another PC jamboree with kids coming out before the game with home made anti-racism placards. They seemed to miss the irony in the fact that all the black kids were grouped together, all the Asian kids together and so on. Why harp on about a problem where one doesn't exist, I have never witnessed racism at an FC United game. It patronises us all and I would be equally angry if I kept getting lectured about not beating my wife, or not kicking dogs in the street. I'm not racist, not a wife beater nor am I a dog kicker, so lecture people who are, not me.

So I really enjoyed the following video on YouTube where a politically correct, race obsessive gets her comeuppance from a comedian wrongly accused of racism by the loony PC heckler:

Did you get the fact that the heckler was part of the act, it was actually rigged to prove a point?

Well I liked it.


Shandon Belle said...

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Gregg said...

More than happy to do that. I have linked to you in my blog list and also put a link to your Holy Year for Nuns campaign in my side bar.