Friday, February 11, 2011

Well Done Coalition-It's A Start

I've attacked successive governments over the years, especially on the creeping police state that has turned the citizens of the UK into the most spied upon and watched in the world. But credit where it's due, the current coalition government has taken a smallish step in the right direction with the Freedom Bill.

I've blogged before about some of the most pernicious elements of Labour's police state here and here and yes, I would like it to go further and hope it continues, but for now, credit where it's due.

It's easy to be idealistic and criticise because things don't go far enough, and I'm often guilty of that myself. But there is the idealogical world and there is the real world. Ideology informs the politicians who have to adapt it for general consumption. To be too dogmatic about your beliefs only ensures that they never see the light of day. It might give the idealogue a nice warm, self-righteous glow, but achieves absolutely nothing. So I'm glad that the government has done something positive, and am pleased to say so.

Telegraph Online Report.

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