Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya and British Expats

Two psychopaths take to the dance floor.
One thing that has seriously angered me this week are the expats coming back from Libya and whining and whinging about what the government did do or didn't to help them.  They should be grateful the government did anything at all to help them under the circumstances.

I don't blame anybody for working abroad, especially in the last few years when we had to suffer Blair and Brown, and the Coalition aren't much better. But at least the current Prime Minister knows he's a prat and has the decency to keep apologising for it.

But we've all known for years that Libya is a shithole, run by a psycopathic madman. If you are lured there by the filthy lucre then I'm afraid you take your chances. Those expats chose to go and work for a regime that was responsible for arming the IRA for a couple of decades, was behind the Lockerbie bombing and still hides the murderer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. What Gaddafi has done to his own population over the last few decades is anybody's guess.

So don't come home whinging when British Foreign Office staff and our armed forces, yet again, put themselves in the firing line to bail you out, paid for yet again from our taxes. I don't have a problem with the government helping UK nationals out of a hellhole like that, but every one of them who whinges should be walloped with a bill for the cost.

But there again, you look at the behaviour of successive UK governments towards Libya, and they have been no better than the whinging expats.


Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO!

Gregg you are spot on! I can't stand them. They knew the risks. It has been kicking off in neighbouring countries for over a month now. They found a way to avoid paying UK income tax & now they want the rest of us to bail them out. The media sympathy for these people is a classic case of sympathy for the middle classes. If these were Glaswegian or Geordie builders instead of college-educated petroleum engineers they would be told to swim home.

Left-footer said...

Hear hear! (Sorry I'm a bit late!)

Gregg said...

Better late than never. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks to Anonymous too. How are things darn sarf?