Friday, February 11, 2011

Vegan Football Fascist

Proper food!
Just when you think the football world couldn't get any more stupid up pops Dale Vince, proving once again that football clubs are just rich mens' playthings, stuff the fans.

Fans of Forest Green Rovers are no longer allowed to eat red meat, such as burgers and sausages at games because the owner of the club has an eating disorder, he is a vegan. What a pillock! OK, he's the owner, so he has every right to do that. But as a supporter of non-legue football he has just ensured that I never step foot inside that particularly poxy football ground.

Most games I attend I don't actually eat anything, I can go a couple of hours without having to chomp. But I do get pissed off with these people forcing their lifestyle choices on others. If you eat meat but go to a vegetarian friend's for a meal do you get meat? No you don't. When said friend comes to you for a meal do you serve them meat? No you don't.

A few weeks ago the pillock banned his players from eating meat. They are currently lying 18th in the Football Conference.

I'm really going to enjoy my seek kebabs and tandoori chicken tonight.

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Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO!

Took a look at the second comment given on the article you link to:

"This is another prime example of the nanny state we live in and people imposing their views on the general public. Aren't we living in a democracy?"

This comment bothers me more than any madcap vegan.

A. This has nothing to do with the nanny state. The chairman of Forest Green Rovers is not a public servant.

B. His gaff, his rules.

C. The chairman is not obliged to be democratic.

People like that are why we are in a mess in this country. They don't understand the basic division between public & private.

I'm sure a boycott of the food stalls by the home fans, & of the stadium itself by away fans will sort out ecoman once he counts the matchday takings.

Gregg said...

That's why I think my post was quite balanced don't you think?

Must have a look at your blog, haven't been there for ages.

Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO!

Your post was spot on Gregg.

Richard Allen said...

Spot on apart from calling the ground poxy. It is actually a very nice little ground, in a very nice part of the country. Pity about the bloke who owns it.

Gregg said...

Apologies Richard, I'm sure it's a very nice ground and I would actually visit if FGR one day meet my team, FC United of Manchester. I just wouldn't buy a programme, nut roast pie or anything else inside the ground if the nutter still owns it then.

I always keep up with their results as Jim Harvey went there, as you proably know, when he left Morecambe FC.