Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt, The Middle East and Mealy Mouthed Liberals

The World's Greatest Democracies!
I only saw a few minutes of BBC Question Time last night thankfully. As usual it seemed to be Dimbleby allowing the liberal left panellists to talk crap, and then shout down anybody talking sense, such as Douglas Murray.

Last night the most guilty ideoligical nutter was Mehdi Hasan of, no surprises  here, the New Statesman. This character has such deep seated loathing for this country, and the West in general, I wonder why he doesn't just pick another country and get the hell out of here. If I loathed this country as much as he does I'd certainly be elswhere now.

Then there was the old dinosaur of social demoracy Menzies Campbell. For a total failure and utter nonentity to be regarded as the grand old man of the Liberal Democrats really says all you need to know about the junior coalition partners currently governing this country. No wonder he pronounces his name Ming. No, not the Chinese dynasty, although he is very old. I would add an "er" on the end actually.

Let's get Minger out of the way first. Talking about Islamic extremists he obviously had to make excuses for it by likening it to homegrown terrorists. So he set off on one of his rambling, patronsing spiels about what we experienced as a result of homegrown terrorists. Here we go, I thought, trundle out the IRA for a bit of moral equivalence with the Muslim nutters. But no, he stumped us all by declaring these terrorists to be waving Union Flags. Jackpot, Minger was talking about Loyalists in Ulster, not the IRA at all. Proof that the old fool really is going senile.

Now for Hasan the patronising, hateful, Western hating journalist from the New Statesman. Yes, I feel very strongly about idiots like this. He attacked this country for being patronising, pot and kettle that one, and being arrogant in thinking that Egypt and the Middle East are incapable of democracy. Apparently, according to Hasan this is obviously not the case. Oh really!

Perhaps we in the West should take a leaf out of the glowing haven of freedom, enlightenment and democracy that is the Middle East. You know, countries like Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and all the rest.

Or perhaps he was referring to Israel, the only parliamentary democracy, as we would recognise it, in the Middle East. But I doubt it, accepting a reality that goes against the left's ideological daydream isn't in their scheme of things. No, they don't like democracies that actually do what their people want them to do.

So what I saw on QT last night hit the two things that really annoy me at the moment. The inability of the political class in this country to condemn Islamic terrorism without drawing some moral equivalence with terror, perceived or otherwise, from non-Islamic groups. Even the English Defence League were attacked as violent, right-wing extremists in an effort to put them on a par with Islamic nutters. Whatever you may think of the EDL I'm not aware of them blowing up buses, trains, foreign embassies or flying planes into skyscrapers. Even Cameron was at that game in Munich when he made his feeble attack on multiculturalism, made feeble by his drawing of moral equivalence whenever he mentioned Islamic terrorists.

The second thing that is annoying me is the curent nonsensical drooling about events in Egypt. What it has shown is how damn tedious 24 hour news channels are. Do we realy need permanent pictures of Tahrir Square and the same old report being told repeatedly by some shirt sleeved reporter in a hotel overlooking the square. It's worse than being in a shop with music on a loop so you end up brainwashed with the same old sound  over, and over, and over again. This,  and Twitter, has produced instant experts. Deluded individuals who think Mubarak will step down on Monday, elections will be held on Tuesday and democracy will be entrenched on Wednesday. There you are, simple really, Egypt marching into the arms of democracy a la Saudi Arabia, Syria and all those other beacons of liberty in the Midde East. We in the West should really look on and learn, shouldn't we?


Rosie said...

Question time really has become nothing more than a mouthpiece of the left. Time for a boycott!

Also, Cameron may have made his point in a mealy mouthed way, but he's gone much further than any other of our cowardly politicians, so all credit to him.


Gregg said...

Fair enough. And credit were t's due, their Freedom stuff sounds quite refreshing, for a beginning!

T Bishop Finger said...

I wouldn't say Douglas Murray talks any sense. The Etonian, neocon, israel first before all, war-virgin seems to think all the world's problems can be solved by persecuting, starving, dominating, or bombing brown people.

Gregg said...

I'll have to check him out, he talked sense the few minutes I saw. Pro-Israel will do for me.