Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Student Radicals or Pampered Brats?

There was the inevitable trouble in Manchester when the pampered brats, aka students, threw another temper tantrum. They think that their educatuion should be free, paid for by the taxes of checkout girls on minimum wage rather than their own taxes when they start earning over £22,000 or so.

What I found especially shocking was the treatment meted out to Aaron Porter, the Chairman of the National Union of Students. He had to be escorted from the rally at the end of the march by police for his own protection. His crime? He is a Tory apparently. But not being very bright the far-left students hurled anti-Semitic abuse at him too, thinking that the name Aaron is exclusively Jewish. Such nice people. Do you really want to waste your taxes trying to educate them?

They then started breaking up to avoid being kettled by the police. Kettling, if you don't know, is when the police surround a group and pen them in to stop them going on a violent rampage. This is because when they get tired of attacking the police and public buildings they go on the rampage atttacking businesses they claim don't pay a fair share of taxes. Presumably so the tax can be wasted on the students' pampered existences.

"What does mummy say?"-"Be nice to me or else!"
I accept the need for civil disobedience in extreme circumstances, tuition fees is not such a circumstance. Having said that let the students demonstrate but kettle them if it gets out of hand.

Putting it another way how would you feel if you were in Next with your kids doing some shopping and you were all terrified by a rampaging mob attacking the shop? That's why, when student demos, or any demos get out of hand, the police do what they have to do.

Over the decades I've been on many demos, none of which have led to the kind of violence we've seen in the current spate of student demos. If they had turned violent, and my parents had known I was involved, I would have got a good bollocking when I got home, even as a 21 year old student. But not these pampered little misfits, oh no. Today's students are defended by mummy and daddy who formed a group called Stop Kettling Our Kids.

Hardnosed far-left revolutionary thugs I might disagree with, but there is a grudging respect. Rupert and Tarquin hiding behind mummy and daddy when the police stop their fun? Do me a favour.

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