Friday, August 19, 2011

Chappati Corner v Rusholme Ruffians and The Smiths

It's a definite sign of the times to me Chappati Corner, a very good one too.

I went to school in Rusholme, Manchester. In my first year there was one curry house, a sari shop and an Asian bank. By the time I was in sixth form we were having samosas and seek kebabs for lunch, today it is known as The Curry Mile.

For a few years Rusholme ruled supreme and you could get fantastic, reasonably priced curries. Then in my view, something went wrong. The prices soared and the standards plumetted. The food was no longer unique to each particular restaurant and a similarity between most restaurants crept in. I've since been told that many of them now use mass produced jars of curry paste. Not good.

So a few years ago I started experimenting further afield and now, when I'm in Manchester, I go to Cheetham Hill, by far better than many of the restaurants in Rusholme but not the place to go for a romantic meal. Most of the best are cafes or takeaways with two or three tables. You won't usually get a pint to quaff either, it'll be Coke or the jug of water on the table. But the food is home cooked, excellent quality and fantastic value.

I took a great friend to my favourite on Wednesday before the FC United game, Chappati Corner on Cheetham Hill Road, a short walk from the wonderful Jewish Museum.  The menu changes every day usually a lamb dish, a chicken dish and a vegetarian. When you're next in Manchester you must visit but be careful, it closes around 5-00pm.

If you are in Manchester in the evening and really want to go to a restaurant rather than a cafe I recommend Darbar on Wilmslow Road in Rusholme, near the Great Western Street junction. It's nowhere near as cheap as Chappati Corner but the food is fantastic.

Which leads me nicely into one of The Smiths' greate tracks, Rusholme Ruffians:


Anonymous said...

Was not expecting a social history on the curry houses and roads of Manchester although was very enlightening. If only I knew of this when I was asked to sit on a 'Think Tank' in the late 90's to regenerate social housing in Salford. Still not sure why a London girl was asked to contribute but had many trips to Manchester and loved the experience.

Gregg said...

I'm so disillusioned with politics at the moment my blog is becoming more of a general ramble about things. Having said that I'm about to have one of my pops at the Lib Dems.

My wife's a housing officer and did her degree at Salford. It must have been a goood idea having a straight talking 'outsider' on the think tank, Salford is much better now than before.

Anonymous said...

I know its very taxing having a Con\Lib government for a die hard Conservative like me but needs must! I am however not too clear on your alliances. I did read this morning you were UKIP as I researched your blog (too much time on my hands not being well). Don't know too much about them but mortified to read but to be honest not surprised.

Your wife does a very noble and hard job for her community! I had a housing manager work alongside me part time a couple of months ago and she worked incredible hard.

Lots of Politically Correct people sit on those too and suggest stupid ideas. Was less scary when it was re developed walking around the streets then before when we used to have to do community consultations.


Gregg said...

"Don't know too much about them but mortified to read but to be honest not surprised".

Doesn't that strike you as a contrradictory sentence?

I would say I have no allegiance at the moment. I worked for a UKIP MEP ('04 to '09) but got tired of the right-wing nutters that are a minority of their membership. Oh, and Farage the Fraud, he's decidedly dodgy.

I was then chairman of the Libertarian Party for a year. I would describe myself as a classical liberal I suppose if I really had to label myself.

Pre 2000 I'd been a Conservative candidate in a few local elections and had been a Tory activist for a fair few years.

Anonymous said...

Gosh you understand me!!! Yes I find them a contradiction that is UKIP mouth pieces. Do not like to assume watching a few speeches and tv appearances but in my humble opinion they whom I mention (not whole party)come across positively 'Potty'.

Would not put my wonderful husband through the ordeal that is public life. I much prefer being behind the scenes so can have the best of both worlds.


P.S Hope everyone reading this has a wonderful bank holiday weekend