Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Is Lawlessness Not Riots. Thank You Political Correctness!

What we are witnessing in the UK at this time is not rioting it is pure lawlessness and looting. Rioting has a cause, usually a protest at government action, but certainly a trigger that causes peoples' protests that then become violent. In extreme circumstances rioting, as a last resort, is a valid form of public protest and history is littered with them, some valid some not so.

What we are witnessing this week is kids wantonly looting and thieving because it gets them something for nothing, or it gives them a thrill. Things are then made worse when scum such as Lee Jasper and Marc Wadsworth jump on the bandwagon to push their warped political agendas and stoke up the looters by blaming racism and unemployment. Those two should have been arrested days ago for incitement.

Of course the politically correct idiots in our 'police service' such as Steve Kavanagh haven't helped. Here is Kavanagh being savaged on morning TV by commentator Jon Gaunt. When we have thousands of feral youth scum burning businesses, homes and looting shops we don't want to hear a copper talking like a sandal wearing bearded sociology lecture from Nelson Mandela Polytechnic. We want action and drastic action. If scum are on the rampage they are obviously not consenting to softly softly policing so stop talking crap and start cracking heads! Let's cleanse the police forces of the sociology graduates, the bland slogans and straplines and get back to real policing.

Our politicians are talking crap too, nothing new there. Miliband has been on TV this morning claiming that the causes of the 'rioting' are complex and many. No they are not. It's down to greed and a lack of discipline brought about by political correctness and multiculturalism, or rather the failure of multiculturalism. Then the media have continually repeated this, and the BBC coverage has seemed to encourage it at times. This has led to the little vermin parroting back the cod sociological 'reasons' to the camera. How can they blame lack of opportunites for higher education and worthwhile careers when they are only 12?

There are swathes of our inner cities, and bigger towns, that have such a high level of dysfunctional families that they are virtually lawless. The breakdown of morality, brought about by political correctness, has produced an underclass of black and white kids who have grown up with no fathers and no discipline. They no longer have any chance of having that changed at school because the politically correct masters in education gave up responsibility for discipline years ago. Now the teaching profession cries about lawlessness in the classroom. Well it was your colleagues who brought that about because they didn't have the moral fibre, thanks to political correctness, to discipline the kids any longer.

It is interesting that most of the kids who have strung something resembling a sentence together on TV news have that fake West Indian gangsta accent. That subculture has been allowed to thrive because political correctness forbids the condemnation of any form of culture be it good or bad. That is what led to the lad who was shot in London, that provoked the first disturbances, to deal in drugs and carry a gun. Then weak, ill disciplined little misfits all over the company have been involved in copycat acts of savagery.

If a society is not cohesive then it will eventually break down. Mutlticulturalism is the politically correct version of apartheid. It has broken our society into factions that are now facing up to each other, initially looters against the police, now vigilantes, or the decent people, against the looters. Multiculturalism inevitably pits us against each other.

When I grew up in the '70s we were all English if we were born here, including kids with Irish parents or whatever nationality, and in a Catholic school in inner city Manchester there were many. Now it seems that people with parents, grandparents or even great grandparents from elsewhere perversely claim that heritage as their identifying culture. This is partly because anybody claiming pride in their Englishness gets accused of fascism or racism, whereas it's cool to be African, Caribbean, Irish or virtually anything else. While we should all be aware and proud of our backgrounds and heritage this is not a healthy development.

Sadly, if Nick Griffin's boasts on Twitter are true, the BNP are being flooded with membership enquiries. That's another reason why the politicians and commentators must start being honest about this outbreak of lawlessness. It is not about race, it is caused by multiculturalism and it's even uglier twin, political correctness.

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Terry said...

UK Perspective

I've had texts from cousins abroad asking if I am ok after media coverage in Italy and Canada.
I hope journalists have NOT suggested this is political.
As you say, this is large scale criminality. No excuse whatsoever. The police had little alternative to protect property.
Shorter school holidays might help!

The "Hoodie" garment has a lot to answer for because of the anonymity it offers!

Rosie said...

The problem lies in political correctness and with everyone who has gone along with it, usually because it benefits them in some way.
Until this root cause is confronted and tackled, there can be no positive change.