Monday, August 01, 2011

Jane Horrocks, Chav Or Bimbo?

For years now I've cringed whenever Tesco ads pop up on the telly. It's not the content or style that's so bad, they're no worse than ads for any other supermarkets. No, it's that grating, really anger inducing fake Lancashire(ish) accent on the voice overs.

Having spent the vast majority of my life in Lancashire I've never heard a Lancashire accent so bloody annoying. It's almost as annoying as your average Yorkshire accent! The words are probably coming from the mouth of a soft southerner who has never been north of Watford, and has picked up her 'accent' from the fake northern accents on other TV and radio programmes melding them into one super annoying mess. But no, it's Jane Horrocks.

Jane Horrocks was born in Rawtenstall and, while that part of Lancashire along with others has a quite distinctive accent, it sounds nothing like the tortured words that come out of Jane Horrocks in that commercial. Her fake accent is truly excrutiating. If she really speaks like that I'm sure that linguists the world over will want to study an accent that only one person in the world, let alone Lancashire has managed to develop.

But now she's publicising some new series she's in about people who work in a supermarket so she's had a pop at Tesco, and a huge chunk of the populace, by claiming that she finds shopping in Tesco scary because of the number of chavs. Then she claims that doing the TV ads for Tesco helped prepare her for her new role . How does sitting in a sound studio doing the worst Lancashire accent ever heard prepare you for playing a supermarket check-out girl? It doesn't, she's just proving what a pseud and a fake she really is.

Then, as if we needed any more proof of her stupidity, she claims she will no longer do Shakespeare, the traditional form I assume, because people don't understand it as it's like a foreign language. Oh really! So on top of being a fake and a pseud la Horrocks is amazingly patronising. Whoops sorry, Miss Horrocks, la being French nobody can probably understand it.

So she makes a good living from doing Tesco TV ads then has a pop at Tesco customers. She makes a nice living from doing Shakespeare, then has a pop at Shakespeare. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. And all that is wrapped up in a fake Lancashire accent that isn't very good. Just goes to show that actors and actresses, no matter how good, aren't necessarily all that bright.

I can't decide whether she's a chav herself, or a mere bimbo. Maybe I'll do a straw poll of customers next time I'm in Tesco in Rawtenstall.


Julieb1234 said...

I absolutely couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for writing this article!! When will they take her off the Tesco ads?!

Julieb1234 said...

I absolutely couldn't agree more! Thanks so much for writing this article!! When will they take her off the Tesco ads?!