Friday, August 19, 2011

How Very Lib Dem

Personally I'm all for very harsh sentences for looters and yes, if birching was brought back I would be prepared to administer the punishment myself.

But I had to laugh when I heard Sir Menzies Campbell's contribution to the debate about the suitability or otherwise of harsh sentences:

"....politicians should neither cheer nor boo...."
How very Lib Dem.


Anonymous said...

Harsh sentences are a must as to set the premise and foundations of public feeling over recent riots and looting. To not do so is not to understand.

Are the sentences harsh? Yes, next question please move on. I get so frustrated when I hear soft liberals bleat on about criminals rights! In my books they lose their rights when they commit a crime full stop. What about the life sentence the victims have to serve witnessing their homes being robbed and burnt down and pleading with those to allow them to go back inside and rescue their children!

Am not in favour of the 'death penalty' as I feel that's a backward step for a humane society. I am however in favour for our Police to be a 'Force' again not a 'Service'. For the Courts and CPS to come down harder on criminals and a return to longer sentences. Community Orders are a joke and do not rehabilitate not those that I have had the misfortune to come in contact with.

Menzies Campbell like most PC liberals needs to live in the heart of the community like we all do not in the leafy suburbs..


Gregg said...

Spot on Kitty, can't disagree with anything there.

I used to support the death penalty until I realised how it contradicted my pro-life position on abortion, that life is sacred from conception until natural death.

I'm all for maximum individual freedom but the punishments for breaking the few laws we really need should be very harsh. When I was in Paraguay a few years back I was told they had no drink driving laws. But if you killed somebody in a crash after drinking you got the death penalty. Very few did drink and drive.

Anonymous said...

I personally do not agree with abortion either not sure however if it is the religion in me or my maternal instincts possibly the latter. Not a fan of assisted suicide either as find the act selfish! And yes I am in a position to know what pain is as I have a non curable disease. I prefer to allow my nearest and dearest to suffer having me alive however.

I do not agree as I have previously said to state sponsored murder but I would also have to say that if anyone killed my daughter or husband I would personally hunt them down,and make them pay Kitty style.

It amazes me to see victims families on tv calm and some forgiven. Your a better women than me as I would be looking straight down the camera issuing a warning to them.