Monday, August 29, 2011

Jamming Up British Motorways

I really do not like using motorways when the hard shoulder becomes an extra lane if the traffic is heavy. I find around Birmingham/Solihull it just causes confusion with people taking their eyes off the motorway to try and work out what the ridiculous number of signposts are saying they can or can't do. Hard shoulders were put there for a reason and should only be used in cases of emergency or breakdown. But no, the government has announced that they are going to screw up even more of the motorway network by introducing the scheme around Manchester, London and Wakefield.

The best solution to the problem of congestion would be for the police to start nicking the pillocks who sit in the middle lane for mile after mile. Or the idiots who do 50mph or less on the motorway. On Saturday on the M6 in Lancashire there was a prize pillock sat in the middle lane doing 45mph. Now tell me that is not dangerous. But where were the police? Probably booking some poor sap for doing 78mph but driving perfectly safely.

I love my football but hate having to drive to the game on a Saturday when all the weekend drivers are out. On the M6 by Preston there is a four lane stretch where the Blackpool motorway joins the M6. Widening it to four lanes was a complete waste of time and money because, nine times out of ten, idiots sit in the third lane so it is effectively just a two lane carriageway with lanes one and two empty but three and four filled with cars bumper to bumper.

Please, please if you are one of the pillocks who sits in the second lane for mile after mile would you explain to me why you do it and why you don't bother reading the highway code? In fact if you are one of them please piss off and don't ever drive on the motorways ever again.

I feel better for that. Road rage in my living room.

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