Thursday, August 11, 2011

UK Riots: The Liberal Left Are To Blame

In a five minute interview Neal Lawson, chairman of Compass, proved just why political correctness and the liberal left are responsible for the mess we are in. At the start of the interview he claimed that most of the looters weren't on benefits so stopping benefits for those convicted wouldn't work, by the end he was telling us that they looted because they have no jobs and no prospects. The liberal left are currently looking at a problem and desperately twisting their pathetic theories to fit the scenario. 

He also tried to blame the bankers and corrupt MPs stating that the scum saw them thieving and thought they might as well go and nick a pair of trainers. If only most of the looters had enough intelligence to make a connection like that. Apologists like Lawson, Wadsworh and Jasper have merely put words into the mouths of a few of the scum so they can parrot sociological claptrap when they get nicked in an effort to look like protesters rather than the thieving scum they are.

Ther real cause of the riots, as I posted yesterday, is political correctness. The welfare state has bred generations of people who think they have rights but no responsibilites. They've been encouraged by the liberal left to expect to be given what they haven't earned. They've been encouraged by the liberal left to look at the wealthy and hate them for having what they will never have, rather than admiring them and trying to achieve themselves.

Successive governments since 1945 have destroyed the education system in the interests of equality. You only have to listen to one of the semi-literate yobs being interviewed to see what an appalling mess the British education sytem is in. They complain that they won't get the opportunity to go on to higher education? Probably because they didn't attend school and do any work in the first place, not because the world is against them.

Our glorious welfare state has created generations of people who think they should have what they want by right, regardless of whether they've worked for it or not. And the scum, like Neal Lawson and his buddy at Compass Polly Toynbee, are as guilty as the scum with the fake gangsta accents who have brought shame on our country over the last few days.

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