Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diana Inquest

It isn't often I agree with Labour MPs, but in this article about the inquest into Princess Diana's death, I have to salute George Foulkes, Dari Tayor (who he? Ed.) and even the former Europe Minister Denis McShane for talking sense. Three Labour MPs talking sense, indeed three MPs talking sense, is a rarity indeed. They agree what a sham and a waste of public funding this inquest really is, and urge Mohammed el-Fayed to accept that it was an accident.

What a shame a few more MPs didn't object to the waste of over £150m on the equally ludicrous Saville Inquiry. That inquiry, set up by Blair, looked into the events in Londonderry in 1972 that became known as "Bloody Sunday" and was a peace process sop to the IRA.

PS Dari Taylor is a she and has been an anonymous Labour MP in the North East of England since 1997.

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