Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Munich 6 February 1958

Here is the official Manchester United Football Club website's tribute to all those who died 50 years ago in that terrible tragedy.

Both sides of my family are Manchester United supporters going back to my great grandparents, and probably earlier to when they were Newton Heath. The first time my father saw Old Trafford was when my grandfather, who was a docker on the ship canal, took him to see what was left of the ground after it had been bombed during the war. My father was there in Manchester, as were the rest of my family, when the news of the tragedy broke. I attended my first United game at Old Trafford in short pants in 1965, a mere 7 years after the tragedy which was the year before I was born.

The greatest tribute to the Busby Babes I heard was from a former colleague in London who told me how, before Munich, he had been to White Hart Lane supporting Tottenham against United, but the crowd ended up cheering every move of the United team they were so entranced by their quality of football.

Who knows what that team may have achieved.

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