Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Database State?

It seems this government is totally incapable of dealing with data according to this BBC report, even data sent to us by the Dutch police about very serious criminals. All the more reason that those of a libertarian persuasion, of whichever hue, should support NO2ID.

It seems that on this occasion the disc, containing the data, didn't actually disappear, oh no, it just went into a civil servant's desk drawer prior to him/her going off on a lengthy stint of sick leave. That's alright then.

As a sign of how serious the Home Office are taking this latest cock up staff are "believed to be discussing whether to make a statement". Well, don't bother if you really can't be arsed.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Didn't the previous Home Secretary 'Dr' John Reid inherit this mess from his predecessor (Jug-ears Clarke?), promise to track down all these foreign crim's and then do f*** all about it?

Gregg Beaman said...

You're right Mark. It seems the post of Home Secretary is now one where you stay, do bugger all then move on when you are about to be rumbled. But to do bugger all when the Dutch have sent you the info you need, because the disc gets stuck in a drawer, is an absolute scandal. I can imagine Jacquie (jugs spring to mind with her too) Smith looking around now wondering which mug to pass the post onto next.