Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chickens in the EU

Here is an article by Elaib Harvey, of the blog "England Expects", writing in The Brussels Journal.

There is an entertaining photograph of UKIP staffers over there dressed as chickens. They are making the point that the EU is chicken for not giving the population a say on the Reform Treaty by holding referenda.

That is entertaining, but what is very sinister is the following exchange between a freelance journalist, there to cover 'the debate' in the EU parliament, and the EU's Head of the Audio Visual Unit when the journo tried to cover the demo:

"You should not broadcast that interview".
"Why?" said the shocked hack.
"Because the film crew are employees of the Parliament and they should not be used to film dissent".

This exchange was overheard by a BBC journalist and her interjection actually saved the day. A fuller eyewitness account appears from the two links at the top of this post.

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