Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is It April 1st?

Here is a link to the Travelodge website. Here you will find an article about the above. Yes, Travelodge have developed 'space age' pyjamas. It really isn't April 1st but I can't help wondering if somebody is playing games with us. Surely these are just photos of people from a third rate 1970s TV sci-fi series.
And does Travelodge really term itself "a retailer of sleep"? If so can I have 5 hours worth please? And does it really have a "Director of Sleep"? If so can he authorise the staff to let me takeaway my 5 hours of sleep rather than sleeping in?
One thing is for sure, if I had to wear pajjies like that I would feel far too big a prat to sleep a wink, even in a room on my own! What if there was a fire and you had to evacuate the place?

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